Young Author

“At SRAMPS, our mission is clear: to nurture hardworking, responsible, and respectful citizens who excel in all aspects of life with unwavering integrity. Today, we are overjoyed to witness this mission coming to life in the extraordinary journey of Dua Sheaza, a Grade 5 student who, at the age of 10, has achieved an incredible milestone – becoming a published author! 🎉📖
With the unwavering support of our school and the collaboration with Bribooks, Dua’s passion for writing has soared to new heights.
But this is just the beginning! We pledge to stand by Dua on her incredible writing journey, and we’ll continue to nurture the talents of all our exceptional students.
Join us in congratulating Dua on her remarkable achievement and in cheering her on for the bright future that awaits her in the world of literature! 📚💫 “