The school has four phases: Early Years (Phase 1) Primary (Phase 2), Secondary (Phase 3) and High School (Phase 4). Children aged four are admitted to LKG. All children seeking admission in any grade are required to appear in an entrance exam that is held by the school’s admission committee. The schedule is announced in time so that the parents can plan for their presence in the school with their children. The entrance exam is designed based on the concepts of the grade the candidate is seeking admission in; also, on the acquired skills of the previous grade level. The test contains basic skills of the previous grade and the admission committee (AC) expects that the candidate will acquire a minimum 60% passing grade. The qualified candidates are then interviewed by the Section Coordinator to ensure that the passing grade aligns with the knowledge of the candidate.

Candidates who succeed in the admission process are offered admission and he/she is provided with all the necessary options and documentation checklist that is required for the admission. The candidate may accept or reject the admission offer based on their situation. The qualified student can also request for a seat on the school bus (subject to availability).

Parents and pupils requesting a place at the school are offered an initial interview, brief assessment and guided tour of the school at the first available appointment.